Brand Story

Master your mind. Free your heart. 
Manifest Your Next Time.

MYNTWAVE™ is an independent interdisciplinary Arkansas-born fashion label serving as a medium for Self-expression and expansion, speaking to the transformative power of living with ones heart and mind in alignmynt. Founded in 2020, by Tylo May.

Our DNA is deeply infused with a commitment to Sustainable Self-Expression, Artistic Developmynt, and Metaphysical Awareness. Transcending fashion and the arts; we empower a greater community of conscious creators to embrace their uniquness and live a life they are MYNT for. 




We are Storytellers. World Builders.

Architects of feeling and emotion.

Artistic directors of the present moment, consciously scripting the future through thought and action.

We recognize the power of our imagination.

We move on what moves us.

We fully immerse ourselves into states of playful flow, childlike curiosity, and exploration.

We naturally synchronize the divine feminine and masculine energies in and around us.

We are masters of the mind. Freers of the heart.

Diving into the waves of the human experience, swimming through infinity.

Bringing to life our souls desires,

from the other side of reality...

where everything we think becomes real.




Artist / Producer / Designer / Director 


Tylo May is a multi-disciplinary artist from Van Buren, Arkansas.

As a young light-skinned, nappy headed kid growing up in a small southern town, he was easily misunderstood and felt a little out of place. However, through magazines and plasma screens, he found his reflection in Hip-Hop.

In his late teens, with the help of the internet, Tylo began diving deeper into his interests of Design, Music, Psychology, and Philosophy. Chasing every spark of excitement with an expanding curiosity, he began widening his perspective beyond the walls of the schools and churches that he grew up in.

He was enrolled in the fashion program at the University of Arkansas for a short time before a string experiences led to his temporary suspension from the campus. This served to be the catalyst for a new pathway, a call to action to embark on a journey of independent artistry, creative entrepreneurship, and community building. He calls it...


MYNTWAVE | /’ mĕntwāv/

(n.) (v.) (adj.)

any idea or activity that serves as a medium for self-expression and expansion;